Datasheet Laser PP CP 50

Product:  Laser PP CP 50 is a good free flowing POLYPROPYLENE LASER SINTER POWDER. No fillers added. Parts produced with this powder show high elongation at break. It is 100% reusable. No warpage, high dimensional stability. Very good chemical resitstance. The finished parts can be painted and welded.

Density:0,90g/cm3ISO 1183 A
Apparent Density:0,33
g/cm3DIN 53 466
Melt Flow Index MFI: 4,5
g/10 minISO 1133

Average Particle Size: 60 µm
Mechanical Properties of laser sintered parts:

Tensile Strength x:        45MPa ISO 527
Tensile Strength z:
MPa ISO 527
Tensile Modulus x:                           1550MPa ISO 527
Tensile Modulus z:                             
MPa ISO 527
Elongation at Break x:                          25% ISO 527
Elongation at Break z: 
%               ISO 527
Charpy 23°C   51 kJ/m2 ISO 180
Shore D
NmDIN 53505
Thermal Properties:

Vicat A:119 °CISO 306
Melting Temperature:              134°CDIN 53 736