We use our experience of more than 30 years of activity in the field of petrochemicals and our network of experts to create new powders.

And this is procedure of our development work:

The formulation:

The material contains several polymers and additives. It is important that each component has a similar melting point. To find the right formulation we use the DSC analysis and the Kofler hot stage.

The compounding:

In the a twin screw compounding machine the components are melted together and granules are produced.

The grinding:

The grinding process must not influence the material properties. Therefor we use special mills. The shape of the particle is important and must not be too spherical or too square.

The powder:

To analyze the size and shape of the powder, we use scanning microscopy. The powder must have a good flowability to ensure a homogeneous creation of layers during the laser sinter process.